Too much work and no painting is going to make Jack a dull fellow.  I got a lot done today so have taken some time to do a watercolour sketch.

That was fun – man! I really miss this world when I don’t go there.

This is on Fabriano 300gm and is about 360 x 200 mm.

2 thoughts on “figure

  1. Wow.Very nice, Stephen. Love the line as well as the color. I feel the same joy, looking at this, as I do looking at a figure by Charles Reid. Somehow, I like your careful application or strokes you use to apply the color. Excellent!

    • Hi Leslie
      thanks for this. I eventually got through to Kalk Bay to visit the gallery where I have left some paintings and to pick up the money for a painting they have sold for me. I have a few figures there and the one that sold is the one you said you liked. So thanks for that. It is so good to be painting again.

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