A beautiful winter evening at The Pipe

We have the very best weather in our winter here in the Cape.  And today was one of those beautiful warm, still days.  I am not feeling so good so I went down The Pipe with my board but decided to paint instead.  This is what I produced…

This is on 300gm Fabriano Artistico – Rough and is 380x560mm


6 thoughts on “A beautiful winter evening at The Pipe

  1. Thank you for the tip about the rigger, Stephen. I have already rendered some grasses with a small round on the piece I am working on right now. Perhaps I can try some rigger grassesover the top. Maybe it will make them look a little more believable than they are right now.

    • Hey Leslie – I am going to have a look at others’ approach to grasses and undergrowth. Putting in each form is a LOT of work and I find it looks overworked when I try and yet there is so much beauty in the different shades and shapes. Charles Reid splashes and flicks – yet as he says, the carefree look is very carefully constructed. When I was starting out I read books by a guy called Zoltan Szabo who had developed a wonderful technique for capturing this kind of detail. He used a lot of resist fluid, whatever that stuff is called, and he did some beautiful work. I am looking for a process that works in the field. I will come over and see what you have done.

      Have a great day

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