A chilly evening at The Pipe

This evening I went down to see if there were any waves at The Pipe.  Actually there was quite a nice wave but I really really wanted to paint.  This had nothing to do with the icy North West wind.  heh heh – mmm…

Here is the painting I did.  A slightly newer view and one I would like to do again.

This is on 300 gm Arches Rough – a half sheet – 380 x 560mm



2 thoughts on “A chilly evening at The Pipe

  1. Even without your reference to being chilly and windy, I can see it in your painting, Stephen. Introduction of the pipe scenes, once again, makes me feel as though you are winding up to paint again! Hope so!!! It is so hard to imagine it is winter, somewhere, right now.

    • Hey Leslie
      Yes we have some nice chilly weather here – I just had a surf in the rain which was fun. Fortunately for us, our winters are not nearly as bleak as I suspect yours are and we have some of the most glorious days in between.
      A nice little Cape secret.

      I so want to paint again – hopefully this is it.

      Enjoy the summer there

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