We live in in such a broken world, and yet there is much that is beautiful.  I believe the role of the artist is to point out the subtle things behind the obvious.  In the watercolours and drawings I paint what I see.  Quite often, as I paint I seen subtleties and complexities for the first time.  For instance, I had never noticed before that my Jack Russells have fine, white eyelashes.  These insights sometimes present themselves in my paintings.  I also believe it is OK to paint beauty but sometimes the mundane and plain has beauty all of it’s own.  And sometimes it is good to be faced with the what is painful or  unpleasant.  Sometimes this is how we can embrace pain.

Wherever I go I paint, in my mind, what I see.  I work out composition, colour and the painting process.  When I sit in front of a clean sheet of paper cares melt away as  I am absorbed by mixing colours, the shape of a brush, a bead of colour and the smell of wet watercolour paper.

This is a gallery of my work for sale.  Please send me an e-mail if you are keen to buy a painting.

I post some of the stories behind each painting on my blog.

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