final update on a watercolour of the shale band in the cedarberg

Here is the final version – I was keen to put in the  texture of the foreground and link the crest of the rise to the distant moutains – anything more I fear will be fiddling.


click to see the big view – I am not sure if this is such a good idea – it may be too large for download time – please let me know.  Thanks hey


14 thoughts on “final update on a watercolour of the shale band in the cedarberg

  1. Wow! Good job, Stephen. Is this how you saw it? Are you happy with it? That’s really what matters in the long run. You worked really hard on this. You put the best of all your attempts together in this one and it shows!

    • Hi – thanks Leslie – I woke up in the night thinking about how I would like to show the texture of the grasses and restios in the foreground slope and how I wanted these to connect with the green slope going into the valley (there really is one) And I wanted to connect the ridges at the top of the picture to the snowy peaks. So when I got home last night that is all I wanted to do.
      Yes I am well pleased with this. Time to move on to the next painting – I am inspired by the painting in Keith Hornblower’s header and have just been reading about making lights and darks glow by using complements – in Jeanne Dobie’s “Making color sing”. I love her approach to watercolour – even though she can’t spell colour (o: – Just kidding Jeanne.

    • Hi Isabelle – thanks hey – it is nice to put in a bigger size now and again I think. Have you been in the mountains again lately? I thought of your walk when I was up there – all those snowy peaks are enticing

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