another watercolour of the shaleband

Well here we go – I think the rocky area in the middle distance reads better.   This is where the plateau of the shale band falls away, down various krantzes and kloofs to the valley below.  I am still not sure about the slope in the foreground – I am not keen to put a whole lot of detail in there but it needs something…



6 thoughts on “another watercolour of the shaleband

  1. This is nice, too, Stephen. I think it’s going to fall to a matter of choice buy your prospective viewers. This painting has a more “cool” feel to it. What I liked so much about the other one is the warm path down the center that gave the painting more depth. But….for some viewers this may be more appealing. The foreground can be blurry like you have it. It is not the area you want the viewer to go and visit.

  2. Nice, very nice, and the foreground slope works well for my taste. Perhaps as Leslie points out, I find myself drawn to the distance and want to start walking there now.

    • Hey Tom – nice to see you here – thanks for the feedback – it is such a beautiful place – round that bend there is a small mountain hut which provides shelter when the storms blow through – definitely a place to which I would like to return soon.

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