Ebb & Flow

Watercolours on Touw River in wilderness

The Touw River flows through Wilderness, a small town East of George. The town is surrounded by rich forest. There is a Cape Nature Conservation campsite called Ebb and Flow on the Eastern bank of the Touw River. It is just a pleasant environment. Cape Nature have also created a hiking trail, The Half Collared Kingfisher Trail, through the indigenous forest up to a waterfall on Touw River.

It is just a very pleasant place.  As long as I can remember I have drawn restoration for my soul just by being there.  Here are three paintings looking upstream from the campsite:

A few years ago I worked with a client in George. I would drive up from Somerset West on a Thursday afternoon, set up camp at the furthest tip of the campsite, where the forest takes over. Then I would have a pizza at Pomodoro in Wilderness (best pizza in the country). Later I would return to the campsite which was usually deserted and fall asleep to the sounds of the nightjars and other night birds. In the morning I would have a shower, put on my consulting costume and head into George. Sometimes I would work with the team on the Saturday morning, spend the weekend in Ebb and Flow, work with them on the Monday and head back to Somerset West on Tuesday morning.

I therefore had time to wander up the river to paint. Here are three paintings of the view downstream from the pont on the Half Collared Kingfisher Trail:

One thing is for sure… Painting here cured my hesitancy for Greens! I read that the human eye can perceive are far broader range of green than any other colour. Bought greens just don’t come close here.

There also used to be a hiking trail along the river from the top end of the campsite. But for some reason the CNC fenced it off. I think it was difficult to maintain. But you can step around the fence to follow the trail for a couple of hundred meters. There is a small platform just above the river, made by a rocky outcrop. This became my favourite place to sit and paint. And make cocoa on my stofie.

Here are some of the views I painted looking upstream.

And here are two watercolours of the view downstream from the same place.

Just across the river from the rock ledge there is a picnic spot called “Milkwood”. It is just off the hiking trail. This is also a favourite spot for me. I like to sit at the table and make a pot of cocoa on my stove. Here are then two places where where I have enjoyed “brewing up”:

Milkwood picnic spot – painted from my rock ledge – and later in the same day, is a view of my rocky ledge from Milkwood.

I have found painting here to be frustrating and was painting on the other side of these scenes. But a couple of months ago I put them all up on a board to create a possible area of green for an exhibition of my work – and for the first time realised they have a beauty all their own – regardless of how well I have captured the beauty of our Garden Route.

These paintings are now all for sale on my online gallery. Look in the ‘Garden Route’ category

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