Watercolours of Produce

I love painting fruit. The colours and shapes and all the nuances – and well – unlike portraits, likeness is not such an issue. In the last couple of years I have been concentrating on portraits in my Painting of the Day – therefore fruit have been scarce – though I have had a season painting some tomatoes from my garden – but more of that later.

Here are some of the fruit watercolours from the past.

Here is a painting of a bowl of oranges – mmm – I guess it is more like a bowl of ‘browns’. In 2016 when I started completing a painting a day I would often sit late in the evening after the day of consulting to do my painting – and this was one of those. This painting is for sale on Gallery Shop – Original for sale and reproduction as a high quality print.

And here is a watercolour of an avo – which is also a fruit – really!

You can see this painting for sale on my Shop Gallery (man I am sure there is a smoother name for this page). Anyway I am selling the original and selling 100 high quality prints.

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