Some recent work

It has been so very long since I posted here on my blog. This has not been do to lack of production. I am still pushing on with a painting a day. OK in the last couple of years sometimes I have worked on the same painting over a few days and to be painfully honest once or twice I have been pressed to prepare for workshops to be run the next day and have therefore done but a small swatch of colour- to satisfy honour.

But I have some good work to show and would like to post some of it here.

This is going to be a random post – get running then get organised…

This was from a a year ago.

I have been working hard on portraits for a while now – and sometimes I feel like I am making progress.

Even my figures seem to be moving ahead

The model is supposed to be painting in watercolour

Here is another figure – heh heh Arms and legs are really really long:

Figure on a chair

I like it when I venture into a more colourful idiom

Another figure

So saying…

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