Lourens River

The Lourens River flows out of the Hottentots Holland mountains and through our town. There are very few places set up to make the most of the river. There is a bar and a coffee shop or two maybe – but for the most part I think the town planners would far rather stick it in a pipe. The river eventually reaches the sea in False Bay, not far from The Pipe where we surf.

Fortunately for us in the town some far-sighted people created sportsfields and parks along the banks of the river. Radloff Park is a very special place over the river from some of the farms in the area.

This blog posting is intended to capture the paintings in a series I have started on the river.

The original for these paintings are for sale on my Gallery page.
I am also selling high quality (giclee) prints of these paintings.

Here is the first painting in the series:

Watercolour on 300gm Arches Hot Pressed – 37×57 cm.

I have also completed a second painting in the series.

Here is a watercolour of a pool and a rapid on the river in Radloff Park. My little dog Luna (The Woof) loves to fetch sticks in the pool. She loves to fetch sticks anywhere which can make walks a little stressful when the river is full.

Lourens River #2.  A pool and a rapid in the trees.
Lourens River #2 -A pool and a rapid in the trees along the river. Watercolour on 300gm Hot Pressed Arches 380x570mm

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