Painting at Kogelbay – March 2019

Painting at Kogel Bay is always a special treat for me.  Here is my work from March 2019.

This painting is now for sale in my gallery:  Painting at Kogel Bay

Last weekend I went down to my favourite place on the False Bay coast to do some painting.

I sat on a grassy patch looking out over the bay and did the following work:

Here is the start – it was quite a complex scene but I sketched out the main details and started painting.  I like to starting painting as soon as possible – detailed drawing can be a little taxing on concentration.


I got this far on the Saturday (above).

And then we had a public holiday yesterday.  I had work to do but later took a drive out to Kogel Bay to sit and paint again.  As I walked down to the beach I saw a chap sitting near where I had been working.  Then as I got there I saw he was sitting on my patch of grass.  He was fishing.  Anyway – most of the time South Africans who go to places like Kogel Bay are pretty cool so I asked him if he would mind if I sat nearby and completed my painting.  He offered to move but I asked him not to.  It turned out he was pleasant company as he baited up and cast into the churning water.  He was fishing for Galjoen.  But was not having much luck.

Anyway I started to complete my painting but as he sat fishing I did this little painting of him.


Later he did decide to go back to Gordons Bay to look for better luck.

When I gave him the painting he told me that his youngest son had been selected to play rugby for a junior South African team in Ireland.  It is very exciting but he has to come up the R40 000 which is a lot on a teacher’s salary.

This is what I find so often.  Everyone has an interesting story.


And here is what I did.  Another special time at a very special place.

And here is a kogelmander – I think Kogelbaai is called after these little guys – though I may be wrong:


This painting is for sale on my gallery under seascapes.  I am also selling limited edition prints prints of this painting.


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