Watercolour of the day – -1 and #1: Old year – New year 2018/2019

After the rush of closing out the year it has been good to have a few days to catch my breath and gather myself for the new year.

With 2018 drawing to a close I decided to take a hike up the route I had run with my daughter on the morning before Sinead left to drive up to Kimberly to start her internship in hospital there. It was quiet and calm. There are dramatic views of our mountain there and it just felt good to sit and paint.

Helderberg West Peak

West Peak from the Watsonia trail – watercolour on 300gm Arches cold pressed – 380x280mm


Heh heh you can see how I had to adjust the scale in the mountains when I started.

On the way down I walked around the duck pond and met a delightful couple who were relaxing on a bench to see out 2018 in the calm of that beautiful place – looking up at our peak.  But eventually I had to go.

Aura and I had a dinner with a group of friends and saw in the new year playing Scategories in which everyone cheated and laughed.

January 01 is always a busy time on the roads around here but I decided nevertheless to head out to Clarence Drive to find a place to appreciate the new year with a watercolour.  There is beautiful stretch of coastline just off Clarence Drive that few people visit, except fishermen because it is high-energy coastline. But there are some dramatic rock-pools created by the folds in the TMS (Table Mountain Sandstones).

It was a somewhat inauspicious start as I had to walk past a guy and a girl humping in the backseat of a car at the top of the path down.  And on the way back I turned my ankle and fell on my coccyx so limped back to the car in some pain.  But none of this could take away from a pleasant day in the Cape sun. It is always an interesting visit. Yesterday as I sat and painted this picture I saw an otter (Cape Clawless Otter) working its way through the pools, looking for crabs.

The scene filled with surging water, blocky quartzites and changing light.  It was a bit daunting in the baking sun.  However I had my secret weapon.  I now carry a square of closed-cell foam and so I was able to sit for a long time without my legs going to sleep.  Here is my first painting of the day for 2019:

New year

Rock Pool near Kogel Bay – watercolour on 300gm Arches 380x280mm


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