Watercolor painting of fishing boats in Kalk Bay harbour

Painting watercolors of the boats in Kalk Bay is just a very good way to spend a morning.  Boats are just so beautiful.  Man has spent centuries, no, millennia perfecting the design of these vehicles.  And so boats have a beautiful functionality.  The curves in the gunwales are almost sensuous in their perfection.  The people who work on boats have characters and features honed by working on the sea.  And the people of Kalk Bay have a history and a way of working particular to that corner of the Cape Peninsula.  And there are some delightful characters.

I just love sitting on the quay sketching the boats.  The other day this huge Cape Fur Seal launched out of the water just next to me, then inched its way around me to go and lounge in the sun with her friends.

I have taken some photos of the fishing boats coming in with their catch from which I have painted these watercolor paintings.

Here is the latest:

Fishing boat coming in to offload their catch in Kalk Bay - watercolor painting on 300gm Bockingford

Fishing boat coming in to offload their catch in Kalk Bay


And here is another.   This is the Violet Glen coming in to offload their catch.

watercolor of a fishing boat docking in Kalk Bay

The Violet Glen ties up to offload her catch.

I love the way the skipper stands with his oilskins round his knees as he steers the boat with his foot.  It is all so functional and without affect.

Both of these paintings are available for sale on my new gallery site that has just been launched.

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