2016 November 13: Koeelbaai Day: #290


Sunday was a blustery cold day with a promise of sunshine (which did not materialise).

I took off up the False Bay coast and scrambled down to where I had painted a few days before (check it out on my instagram page).      There was a big swell running and where I sat the last time was being drenched by some big waves.  This painting was done sheltered beside a rock.  Every now and again I was sprayed by waves breaking up wind from me.  Not a wild day – but certainly wooly – onbeskof as they say here.

I wanted to capture some more detail on the rocks which was a little difficult because the wind was pushing by board around.  The round boulders are quartzites (from the Table Mountain Group which makes up the mountains all around.  The dark rocks are shales of the Malmesbury group that provide beautiful jagged alternatives to the rounded boulders.

This whole side of False bay is extremely high energy – as you can see by the rocks.  There are some beautiful low energy beaches like Caves at Kogelbaai.  But for the most part the coastline is hammered by big waves.  Once while walking along the rocky coast I came across a boulder about the size of a bar fridge – all covered with kelp roots, redbait pods and underwater encrustation.   It had obviously been heaved up from the deep by a large wave.  And all along the drive you can see crosses on rocks where fishermen have been washed off and drowned.  Every now and again we get ENORMOUS waves coming through.  Then you better be able to head fast to higher ground.  But they give very little warning.

The painting is on Fabriano Cold Pressed (300gm) and is about 250x 190 mm

This painting is for sale on my Gallery Page.

I am also selling high quality prints of this watercolour.

And here is another one from another trip out the same area:

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