2016 November 11: Häzz coffee shop in Stellenbosch – Day: #288


Today I brought my son Ethan in to Stellenbosch to write a Maths exam.  We had a coffee at Häzz Coffee Shop and then he went off to write.  I was going to do some work on my laptop but was attracted by a lovely composition of white walls, wrought iron fencing (why do I take these things on?) and a mixture of palms and strelitzias.  So I took out my watercolour kit.

As I started to sketch the scene these two ladies came to sit at the table in front of me.  And them someone parked a bakkie with a canopy in the middle of the scene.

The ladies sat chatting till I had almost finished and as I started on the background the driver took his truck out of the way.  How often does this happen?  It was a gift.

I also met a local artist called Wolko who had a dreadful accident that damaged the left side of his brain but has been substantially healed by God.

All in all a good morning .

This painting is watercolour on Fabriano Hot Pressed and is 250x230mm.

The painting is for sale on my gallery at:  Häzz coffee shop

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