Spanish Pines at Rhodes Memorial


I am sitting reflecting and writing at the tea-garden at Rhodes Memorial.  This morning I had a coaching session with two clients, sitting under the pine-trees on the hill above the memorial.  It is just a very beautiful place.  The birds were singing and I heard some rain-frogs calling.  I have heard, fork-tailed drongos, francolin, pale-winged starlings, and a lovely call which I am not able to identify.

After the session I sat under the columns and did this painting.

I just love the quiet and the concentration.  a few groups of people came past but I was not distracted.  With all of the furor about #thestatuesmustfall I noticed someone has cut the nose off the statue of CJR and you can see where people have unirnated on the plaque.

After the painting I was going to head for home but decided to come for a coffee.  An Americano with cream and a big block of butter.  The tea-garden was empty except for a few people when I arrived but it is now filling up so it is time to move on.


This is watercolour on 185gm Arches Hot Pressed (love that hot pressed) and is 140x190mm.


You can see this painting for sale in my gallery .





3 thoughts on “Spanish Pines at Rhodes Memorial

  1. Very nice. I like hearing about the birds. Birding is my hobby. Maybe, I’ll get your way someday for some painting and birding. I promise to only urinate in acceptable locations.

    • Hi Barry

      good to hear from you man – There are some wonderful destinations here for birds – Our corner of Africa is not as rich as further North but nevertheless. Ja – the urination thing is part of a general hatred for Cecil Rhodes who is hated as a colonialist – There is a move to remove his statues from all public places – They had his statue removed from The University of Cape Town – A key form of protest here is urinating and throwing faeces – no comment
      I hope you are creating great works your side

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