here are two paintings of Emily

In this watercolour she sat eating a cashew nut just long enough for me to capture a posture and then I had to complete the painting from photographs because it got dark and she did not sit still.


Watercolour on 300gm Arches cold pressed – about 150x200mm

On Sunday morning the dogs broke through the door of the aviary.  The others ran up the mesh but one of the dogs caught Emily.  I found her in their box and she attacked my hand.  I did not know why but later I saw her climbing up the wire with her hands with her legs hanging limp behind her.  It was just awful.
I left her for a while to see if this was temporary but it was obvious that there was something seriously wrong.  Aura and I spoke about it and decided to take her to the Vet.  He confirmed that her spine was broken.  It was just horrible.  I held her while he gave her an injection in her abdomen that he said would make her drowsy and then she would quietly die.  Poor little thing, she was in pain and terrified.

I left her wrapped in their blankets and found her later and did this painting.  I am still sad about it.  They are such delightful little creatures.  The other two have settled down now.

This is my painting of Emily.


Watercolour on 300gm Arches cold-pressed.  120x200mm


9 thoughts on “Emily

    • Hi Judith – thanks hey – yes we did what we could – the other two have settled down and run all over me when I go into their cage – these things are beyond understanding and cannot be tied neatly in logic – I was surprised by how much I delight in these little creatures – have a wonderful day your side

  1. Hi Laura

    thanks for this.
    I still feel a little sad about the poor little thing – but her brother and sister are doing well. It looks like they have moved in with the other squirrels in my ceiling ???? this whole business has nothing to do with logic

    In June I had my head down on some consulting work in Botswana which has kept me totally and utterly out of mischief but not out of watercolour. A couple of nights I sat on my hotel room floor and painted my feet for my painting of the day – I want to post all this week soon.

    I look forward to reconnecting soon


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