#365 Day108 Emily the Squirrel

This is a watercolour of Emily the squirrel


Watercolour on 300gm Arches 190x140mm

I had to bribe her with cashew nuts to sit for me.

The squirrels have all grown quite fast and are now living in an aviary in our garden.  Today Emily got out and explored in the garden then came back.  It is good though there is a black sparrowhawk hunting in the area that catches doves and I am sure it would love to eat a little squirrel.  Still that is the risk they face in life – at least hey have been given a start.
They are very cute little creatures.


Here they are looking for something nice to eat.

And here they stole my pencil.


They are very busy.

7 thoughts on “#365 Day108 Emily the Squirrel

  1. That last picture is adorable! I wonder if they’re critiquing the work. 🙂 I’m sure they approve. “Emily the Squirrel” is such a fun painting. I hope no harm comes to the little squirrels.

    • Thanks so much Judith. These are just delightful little creatures. They don’t have to be pets or even tame, though they run over my shoulders when I go in the aviary. We are just keeping them till they can fend for themselves. They sometimes get out, but come back in. Unfortunately Emily is dead now and I have just posted two last paintings of her. Ai!

    • Hi Charlie – thanks man – they are very cute little creatures – I have to limit my visits otherwise I get nothing done in a day.

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