This is William.

He did some landscaping work for me on the pavement in front of my house.  He was so keen to get the work and just sorted it out.  A couple of years ago we got flooded out when the Lourens River Burst its banks.  The water was about knee deep down the street in front of our house (and through our house as well.  My swimming pool is still full of tiny fish and two big Carp who live there now.  Calvin and I broke out panels in our back wall to let the water flow through.  Anyway.  I got the contractor who buried a cable on the opposite pavement to dump all the excess soil on my side to fill in where the water had washed away our front garden.  At last!  Let’s not go there.


William finished early so I swopped him two old shirts for 30 more minutes of his time.  So we each sat on a bucket (Ha ha just like Oor Wullie) and I did this.


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