#365 Day 103 Kogelbay

There is this beautiful little bay between Kogelbaai and Rooiels where I found the rock with the puddle in the middle. Today I wanted to take the Tata for spin to charge the battery so I cruised out there and parked on what I hoped was a downhill slope (it wasn’t – but the battery was fine – in spite of me leaving the lights on).
Here is the painting I did of the quartzite boulders lying against the shale outcrops. I took the first photo in the sunset to post on IG and the second in the cold light of my studio.
The mountains are a bit hazy because my sky wash did not dry before I had to put them in – I think it kind of works.

#365-Day103-Kogelbay1-D #365-Day103-Kogelbay2-D

This is watercolour on 300gm Bockingford 280 x 190 mm

4 thoughts on “#365 Day 103 Kogelbay

  1. Very bold and forceful on that shale outcroppings, I could tell that you connected with your subject matter. How in the world do you work with a lot of rocks. I found that I had a hard time “mapping” them out….

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