#365 Day 100: KitKat

I think 100 is a cool milestone in all of this.
So here it is.

Kit Kat was sleeping on a chair.  Actually she sat dead-still looking down her nose at me as I sat on the floor.  Well, she sat there until I had almost completed a sketch of her.  Then she curled up in this ball.  Half way through this painting she stretched out.  But it is not for me to complain.
Anyway here she is:


Watercolour on 300gm Bockingford cold-pressed.  140 x 180 mm (more or less).


26 thoughts on “#365 Day 100: KitKat

    • Yes it is hey? Thanks so much for the encouragement – I am visiting you right now…
      I love your writing – mmm – what is my tortoise? Memories tumble through

      • Thanks Laura – Yes I am a great fan of the way he works – I have tried to follow his ‘Alla Prima’ approach to watercolour as it pushes me towards a bold approach. It is also the most effective way to paint in the field for me. In Summer washes dry as they hit the paper and in Winter here they never dry. I also like his iconoclastic approach (“the people who thought up the rules of composition had nothing better to do with their time”). I have one of his videos as he paints some portraits – which I found really instructive.

      • I feel like I see shades of his influence in your white dog and cat paintings. I watched a few of his videos on Artist Network TV and loved his florals, particularly how he demonstrated painting white flowers. He’s great. I guess most watercolorists wish they could paint like him, but I love his humble, straightforward way and his little idiosyncrasies too.

      • Yes – he is very cute – I think he seems like a nice sort of guy – I love how he goes stomping into the house at the start of his portrait video with one trouser leg hitched into his sock or something

  1. 100 day milestone! I need to go and take a peek at your journey. This is such a sensitive painting and I esp love that granulated color on top of her head and then the sweetness of the face…you definitely captured her “catness”.

    • Hey Margaret
      thanks for this – I am still catching up with the posting on my blog as I started by capturing only in instagram because I just wanted to get traction on the painting. I am @sjqwatercolour on IG if you are interested. Though I intend to get in sync here

      • exactly! I esp. love verses 3-7 and 23 & 24. I was hoping for just Psalm37 but it was taken already then I thought Pearl in front of it…..which is what my name means in Greek…..so it works 🙂

      • I am not sure, wondering if I will go “posting crazy” if I do…..have you felt it is worth it? well, obviously, you’re on there posting. I guess I am looking for a good reason other than looking at other people’s work.

      • I don’t know – it is quite nice to do a painting and post it immediately but actually each post should take as much care as a blog posting – I get social media fatigue from all of this and I don’t get nearly as many comments as you guys – I am keen to build a following (not that this has gone exponential) to sell my work otherwise I would be happy to hang out in the blogs and FB.

      • I have been so busy with this challenge, I think that I will just poke around and see what it’s all about and follow some other people. Who knows I might but I’m going to go slow and easy. Any recommendations for following some artists?

      • I am following @annika.nor – she is not a painter but posts interesting photos from her work as a curator in a museum. But I like the work of @bj00100, my friend @carolcking, @moosevanpapendorp (a local artist and surfer), @penstoneArt (who does nice watercolours but does NOT follow-back – religiously) and @tia_kee_woon whose work I really like.
        I am trying to be quite selective about who I follow as some people flood the newsstream with photos for which I have very little interest. I followed a woman who posted these great photos of pugs – @puggington-pug but eventually it was just too many pugs with they bug eyes – one looking east and the other west – too many pugs – Ai. I would like to find followers who would like to buy my work – but this takes time. Quantity has a quality all of its own. I think.

      • Oh a good start! thank you!….I did follow a few but I want to be selective, like you say, it can be over-whelming. I’ll take a look at the pugs but not sure if I can handle pug eyes galore everyday or thereabouts…lol especially eyes going wayward! thank you for the recommendations. 🙂

      • yeah take it easy your side – I have had a tense week so I am hoping to get into bed early now. Are you in Summer or Winter where you are? We have nice cool weather.

      • Pearl – some great metaphors and parables for pearls too – OK let me post tonight’s work and snooze.

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