#365 Day 99: Gas Lamp

This lamp reminds me of going to my uncle’s farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands when I was a pik.

There was no electricity so evenings were lit with gas lamps like this.  I learnt to keep the handle down (as you see here) otherwise you burn your hand when you pick up the lamp.  Also, there was no TV, in fact, not even radio – though I sure they had a something to hear the news.  We used to sit a night and chat and read. 
I also learned to wash my feet before getting into bed.  Everyone on the farm did this.  Not that it is so strange, but it was a strict rule.  Today I can’t sleep unless I wash my feet before getting into bed.



2 thoughts on “#365 Day 99: Gas Lamp

    • Hi Margaret
      Heh heh – it was late last night when I painted this and it kind of took me back. Yes a ‘pik’ is a kid – now that I think of it – its probably short for ‘picanin’ which is a child. I was hoping to do something a little more simple but there were reflections and refractions in the glass and dust – mmm – but it was fun.

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