#365 Day 97 – Feather

Guinea-fowl Feather – watercolour of the day #97 – 08 May 2016

Watercolour on 300gm Bockingford – 130 x 100mm

Guinea-fowl Feather

Guinea-fowl Feather


I picked up this feather at our gate this morning and decided to paint it for today’s watercolour. We have guinea fowl wandering all ouer our town which is quite cool I think.

There is some very interesting symmetry in this feather. I got it almost but not quite. Next time – if I am spared.

The feather reminded me of a rather embarrassing story.   A gallery owner in Swakopmund was very supportive of my early work.  I had done a series on the pelicans that used to hang around the basins where the fishermen cleaned their fish.  When she was appreciative of my paintings I said “Yes I want to do a series on pelicans – everyone is painting guinea-fowl and it is so kitsch”.  As the words left my lips I caught sight of black with white dots on the wall.  Glancing up I realised to my horror that the gallery was full of her work that included many guineafowl paintings.  Well – I am still desperately sorry about this but there is no rewind button for this sort of thing.

Since then I have never painted anything related to guineafowl – mostly because of this.  So this is something of a breakthrough.



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