#365 #watercolouraday

River Pebbles at Radloff Park

Watercolour on  300gm Arches about 90x140mm

I like to have a restful day on Sunday although yesterday I had forgotten a drawing for someone so the morning filled with some anxiety as I rushed around to deliver.  But it ended up with me delivering the drawing to Peter Makapela’s church in Nonzamo.  I heard the beautiful singing and so I sat in for a while to let it wash over me.  This was a special gift for the morning.

Later in the day I took our dogs for a walk in the Radloff Park where everyone takes their dogs.  Which was also quite a fun thing to do.  Dogs are good company.  Sometimes.

I stole some time to paint this view of some of the pebbles at the edge of the Lourens River – they were too small to be boulders.

I drew the top sketch and realised it was too small so I did another.  Then the light faded and that was that.


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