Crimson Peak

Here is my work from the weekend on Jessica’s stock photo “Crimson Peak”.  CrimsonPeak1D

I am still working on getting a likeness in the sketch.  I always think of Milton Glaser who said that artists work their whole lives to get this right, and then when they do they realise likeness is not the point.  Well I have yet to reach either of those two milestones.  But I am enjoying the journey.

You can see the photo on Deviant Art on Jessica’s magnificent site.

The second sketch corrected the placement of her mouth:


The first watercolour was OK although I was disheartened by the likeness and stopped to begin a second.


Here is the second watercolour – I will see if I can take the time to work on it this week.  I have a bit workload in my second life as consultant.  So…


I wanted to get her full pose in but this reduced the size of her face where I wanted to get the features right – all these decisions to make.

Now back to Scrum and the joy of self-managing teams in delivering strategy.


9 thoughts on “Crimson Peak

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your portrait and figure work, Stephen. I’m going to be working on a “100 Faces” challenge in 2016 – to include animal and bird faces as well. I do miss drawing human faces and looking forward to getting back to it. Thanks again for visiting & commenting over at my place. Have a great, creatively happy 2016!

    • Hey Laura
      Please forgive me for leaving a reply to this note for so long.
      I so want to get more organised but am afraid I go for periods in which I don’t update my site and then things get scattered.
      Are you doing 100 faces?
      that is such a cool idea.

      I have been putting myself forward to do portraits at one of our local food markets on a Friday night but have invented any number of reasons not to.

      I hope you are creating away…

      • Hi Stephen, no worries at all! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am still working on my faces project, but not quite finished with it yet. I’m enjoying it. I love your idea of doing portraits at the market! I would love to do that, but probably not brave enough. Good for you for putting yourself out there! You really are talented, and I enjoy your work whenever I see it! Organization isn’t my strong suit either, but I don’t know very many organized artists! 🙂

  2. You are so correct about the likeness…..artists working away for so many years and then realize that it isn’t as important. I am glad that I ran into you because I am currently working on a watercolor portrait, a bit of anxiety is building up with the drawing! lol

    • Ha! yes it can be frustrating this portrait business. Michaelangelo was also unimpressed with the need for likeness – he said something like “In 500 years no-one will care if this statue is a likeness or not” only probably more dramatically (o:

      I have relistened to MIlton Glaser – he has something quite profound about art and the survival of a culture.

      All the best with your portraits

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