Here is a sketch of Charne drinking latte at Fred&Max.  6B on A3 cartridge paper.

It has been so long since I posted  here.  I think it was May this year.  It has been a tough year in many ways but I have been drawing and painting.  I have been practicing portraits sketches from stock models in Deviant Art and posting there because most of the models prefer people who use their material to post in DA.

Anyway Jurgen at F&M asked if I would draw him one day so I dropped in, between Saturday chores and he was chatting to one of the regulars.  When I suggested he sit, he said “No, draw her”.  So I did.  Neither of us had time really so this portrait is about 20 minutes work.  And I realised as I started that my pencil was not very sharp – but anyway – the time for excuses was OVER.  So here it is.  Charne was most gracious and sat so calmly.  I asked her to hold her cup which she did for a while until it got to heavy.

When I showed her the sketch she said “Oh it looks like me” which is a satisfying comment for me.

So I signed the sketch and gave it to her.

Mission accomplished.

Next time is watercolour time.

2 thoughts on “Charne

    • Hey Carol
      That is good to hear from you.
      I am working hard on this portrait business – I think this drawing of Charne went well – I was a little more relaxed about having a real live person (who wasn’t facing the other way listening to a sermon – (o: )

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