More Wildlife

Here is another painting from the group of young males:


This is watercolour on Bockingford 300gm and is 380x550mm.

On Saturday I saw clients from my other world and yesterday I did an Autumn cleanup in my studio.  I like working in a tidy environment.  Though perhaps you may not think so to see my work space.  My workbench is clear and my desk is clear.  AND my windows are clean – sheesh!  I have an old tea-trolley next to me on which I put my waterbottle and other working tools.  This is still very untidy, as are a couple of shelves behind me – but all in good time.  Eventually I had to get down to some painting.

This is not complete and I am not sure if it is working.  My photo was with my cell phone which is not really the tool.  The kudu is pointing away from the viewer with its head turned.  These animals are on constant alert.  There was a large lion in the area and there are hyena and wild-dogs too, and leopard.  So life if fraught.

I will have a look at it again if the weeks work allows.



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