Carnival of Colour

Here is the first painting I did at the Carnival of Colour last year:


This Michael who looks after the cars at our local break ‘The Pipe’.  It is watercolour on 300gm Bockingford and is 550 x 380mm.

Last year the new chairman of the local art society, Herman Van Zyl, asked to see my paintings and then asked me if I would like to participate in an event which he airily described as “a whole lot of artists painting in a hall where people could watch them”.  I thought that sounded cool and kind of forgot about it till I saw a small poster in an art shop where I was buying some colours.


I noticed Ryno Swart’s name and wondered what he was up to.  I had done some classes with him that I had really enjoyed.  Then my heart did a small stop when I saw my name.  Then I realised this was it.

I really wanted to have an opportunity to paint some portraits in front of people.  And Michael was the first.

Then the daughter of my friend Neil, Nichole, agreed to sit second and I did this one:

Also watercolour on 300gm Bockingford and 550 x 380mm.

And then, because there was time and I was really enjoying the event.  I started this painting of Nichole’s mother:


Also watercolour on 300gm Bockingford and 550 x 380mm.  Which was going well but ran out of time.

It was a great opportunity.  Some of the artists came ready to do a show, next time I will too.  But for now I am marking this up as a major achievement.


4 thoughts on “Carnival of Colour

  1. Painting in front of my own students is a challenge I’ve become comfortable with. Strangers? And while trying to do justice to your model? You’re right about it being a major achievement. Well done.

    • Hi Barry – hey it is good to see you here again – man! I am so keen to paint and post some more just to be in the community.
      All the best your side

    • Hey Leslie
      thanks for this – phew! I have found that the most difficult energy to manage is in the interpersonal interaction – the drawing works OK. But this is part of the maturing process too.

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