Chelsea – Aspire series – version 3


here is the version I started last night – the first few photos are not so great because the light was not great.

This is the nearest I got to a good likenessMSC3-1d


first wash




first detail


more detail


final detail and background




There may be some touch-ups as we feel moved but anything more carries a high risk of being fiddles



2 thoughts on “Chelsea – Aspire series – version 3

  1. Hi Stephen, It’s been a long time since I’ve stopped by. I see I’ve missed a lot. I liked your last comment about “anything more carries a high risk of being fiddles.” So often true of watercolor. I find that I fiddle far too much.

    Beautiful work as usual.

  2. hello Carol
    hey it is good to hear from you – this is 2015 hey? Eek – November 23 – I have been off this site for long. There is much to post. thanks for the note.

    Yes fiddling!!! – I also overdo this.

    All the best for the year hey

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