a new project for this afternoon

here is the work I did late this afternoon.

It is from the work of Chelsea Christian aka MordsithCara.
You can see the photo at her DeviantArt site – MordsithCara.
thank you so much Chelsea
the photographer was Michael Aaron at:
thanks man – this is great work.



It has been a long time since Monday and eventually I had an afternoon that finally blew the side out of the week.  But I sat and had a couple of coffees with my mate Neil at Fred & Max which helped and then I came home to finish this work I began last night.  It is on really cheap paper so :p.  but anyway here it is.

And here is the process:


I scribbled and scratched on this for ever – if she had been a live model she would have wanted to scream – sigh.


First wash



some work:


Maybe I could have stopped here

and the final (same as the top)

msc1-6dI did this before I asked the model if I could use her photos.  If she is not I will take it off.



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