Ellen-Mart does Lara Croft – version 3



Here is another version of the Lara Croft painting posed by Ellen-Mart.

You can see the original on her site on Deviant Art.  Thanks again Ellen-Mart.

Last night after completing some work in my other world I felt the desire to get this right – and here is how I began:tr3-1D


And here is the first wash:

TR3-2dAnd then I realised her forearm and hand were wrong so I corrected this before starting on the detail.  And here is the detail:


See I extended her arm so that it made more sense.

And here is some detail of the detail.  I really want to be able to be able to get the saturation of this level of colour right so I don’t have to darken it later – this takes guts.  But as Stephen Pressfield says “Swing for the Seats”.  I have just read 1927 by Bill Bryson who talks about Babe Ruth and Lou Gerick and so I know what this means now – it makes no sense in cricket terms.  Not that I care about cricket.  I remember spending two afternoons a week at school standing on the boundary in the blazing sun – what a waste of time.  The only fun part was looking for the odd ball that came whistling past to get lost in the veld.  And the bees!  There was a blasted gum tree with a hive of bees.  One day we tried to get to the honey and all of us got stung really badly.  There were small boys rushing in all directions batting off vicious bees.  As I ran I lost a shoe in the middle of the pitch.  When I came back for it two hours later there were three bees hiding in it and they roared out and buzzed around me as I crouched on the ground – for ages – till they got bored and went back to hive.  Any way.  Swill for the seats.  Alan Weiss says we are here to make waves, not to dip our toes in the water.  A good sentiment for this work.


Here is the detail of the detail:



And here is the next part:


And some detail:


I was keen to get this as the next move could have messed the whole painting up.

Here it is.  What do you think?  “Make my day sucker” or whatever Lara Croft says before dishing out the pain.



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