Tomb Raider – Lara Croft – by Elen-Mart

I have decided to go big again with the figures and portraits that I do.  In three weeks time I will be doing my demo for the Western Cape Art Society, along with some other great local painters.  So I am trying to work a little faster to get the drawing down and to be more efficient in putting down the colour in the painting.  In the past I have worked for hours to get proportions right and have reword the painting far too much.

This is a painting of Elen-Mart from Russia who has a site sharing her cosplay photographs.  She is one of the people who go to great lengths to create costumes and who go to places to replicate scenes from movies and computer games.  The pictures are from her series on Lara Croft – Tomb Raider.  You can see the photo on her site at Deviant Art, just hit that link.

Here is the first sketch I did on a sheet of A3 paper:


And here is the sketch I did on an A2 sheet of Amedeo mixed media paper:


Working this size adds technical complexities and I am keen to creating a more efficient way of working, using a tripod.  I make life very difficult for myself with sheets of plywood and blocks of wood – ugh!!

Here is the first wash:


And here is the finished painting:


Last night I started another version from the same photo.  Here is the drawing -I had to work a little extra on her eyes which did not work at first:


And here is the first wash.  The first wash was a little dark in the first version but this is better:


And here I had put in some detail.  I wanted to keep more white in her hair.


And here is the final product.  Well I am going to watch it for a while and may do some touch-ups.   Its OK but…

I was a bit more comfortable with the size – it is 550x370mm on 300gm  Bockingford.  But as I settled down I became more comfortable with the idea of putting down colour in smaller swatches and putting the bigger areas together in blocks of interesting colour rather than like painting a wall.

Also eyes are so beautiful.  Each eye is a ball and they float in unison in the eye-socket.  The model had her chin down giving the ‘goodbye look’ and her irises were half under her upper lids and were more elliptical than I have captured them here.  so it looks more like she is looking down when actually she is looking about level and the photo is taken from about her waist level.  Man!  Everything counts from the overall layout to the detail.  Anycase there it is.


OK and here are some touch-ups – there is more but the danger is now about overworking:



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