Viktoriya as Karen Scarlet does Katniss

Viktoriya is a lovely Russian girl who does Cosplay postings on Deviant Art.  She did a series as Katniss Everdeen and one of her photos looked like a great watercolour portrait practice.   You can see them here on the KarenScarlet site.   I did some sketches and a few watercolours before asking her if that was OK. Yesterday she left a note saying this was cool as long as I showed her the work.  Therefore here is a posting of my work and I will post the better two on my site in Deviant Art.

Thank you Viktoriya – that was very kind of you.

here  is the first pencil sketch I did on A3 paper:

And here is the second where I felt I was making progress with the likeness:k2-d

Here is my first watercolour which was clearly off the mark.  The watercolour technique is also not the greatest.  All good practice though.kf-4d

Here is the second painting.  mmm 😛


OK here is the last one I did a couple of weeks ago – definitely progress


Then last night when Viktoriya left a note saying she was happy for me to do the work I decided to do one more.  I am still tired from my trip to Botswana for some reason I don’t understand and also had spent most of the day writing a module for my online course on Personal Mastery as well as a supporting blog posting for a newsletter – which you can read on my website of my other world if you like.  Heck – you could throw caution to the wind and sign up for my newsletter for which you would get my free e-book on managing change.  OK enough of the heavy marketing speak.

Here is how I started.  So far so good don’t you think?  I get the feeling that something is clicking in my brain around getting proportions right.


And here is my first wash.  which was also OK.


And here is how I left it last night.  I was going squint and fumbling the delicate washes so decided to call it a night and go snooze.


Today I am feeling distinctly under the weather and decided to lie low instead of doing the local park-run.  I was just catching up on my social media when a coaching client called and suggested a walk up to the gorge on Helderberg.  This is a stiff climb but sounded like just the thing.  Now I am back after a cup of rooibos at the stream in gorge and I did these touch-ups and this is now it:



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