Route 44 Market – Audacia

Most Saturday mornings I go up to Audacia Farm to run the local Park Run.  It is a 5km run through the vineyards and up the edge of the pine forest in the background of this painting.

Because I felt slow today I gave it a miss but went through later in the day with Aura and Sinead.  They went to pick strawberries and I sat and did this work.

Here is how it looked before I put the foreground branch into the painting.  I was sitting in the shade of some oak trees with a little stream just below me.  Behind me a group of people were sitting chatting and pulling each other’s legs.  One guy had this kind or chortelly laugh and one of the ladies had a hysterical cakle – how do you spell cakkle?  cackle – OK – there it is.  Anyway it was quite sweet background noise.  mmm I think this is the best part of the painting.

And here is how it looks with the foreground branch – I think it could have done with a a better framing of leafy boughs.

Anycase it was very restful.  Oh yes the park run goes from right to left in the foreground then left to right this side of the willows in the middle ground then back just other side of that stream AND then up a hill then left to right under the pines in the distance.  We then cut down diagonally through the yellow field to the right of the pines past the scrub to the right of the painting and in the last km we pass back from right to left again in the foreground.  Every time I run this I have the desire to paint here – it is so beautiful.  The Boland mountains are off to the right of the picture.  We are very spoilt here in the basin.r44-2d

This is on 300gm Arches and is 270x380mm


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