This is a watercolour of the daughter of my friend Neil.


This was painted on 300gm Bockingford and is 370 x 550mm.

I visited them last night as he had an aunt down from Zimbabwe who is a keen watercolourist.  And watercolour people are usually cool so was keen to meet.  Jan wanted to see how I painted rocks so I did this little sketch on a random piece of watercolour paper:


Yeah OK it would have been better to do it on a fresh piece of paper.  Next time.

But I also had an ulterior motive.  The new chairman of the local art society has come in with a whirlwind in his back pocket and he is creating a whole bunch of new activities.  The latest is this:


Phew!  These are some big names – so I am looking forward to this but with just enough butterflies to be doing a LOT of practice.  And last night I asked Nicole to sit for me because my strategy for the evening is to do a portrait.  I have been practising so much from photos that it is time to get some live experience.  This did not work out too badly so I was greatly heartened.  But I would like to ratchet the whole thing up a little more.







5 thoughts on “Nicole

    • Hey Carol
      It is good to see you here again. This is a good reason to post more often. Yes all is well. I am working hard in my parallel universe where I am creating an online platform for what I do and working with some great clients. I have also been painting and want to post all of the portraits and figures I have done recently. When I transmogrify from consultant to artist I have been drawing and painting (feels a bit like I am stuck on this portrait business but I know too that a breakthrough will come). Posting on blog is just a lower priority for now. I am amazed at your work! Wow! Your watercolours are great. And I see you are still painting water-tanks – your signature subject.

  1. Hi Stevo

    Here’s a drawing (with markers lying around) I made Zeb and I while waiting for Zac to arrive.

    Cheers James jb Dr James B Krohn Cates Hill Chapel | Bowen Island Du Lucem, Domine

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