Scrapyard guys

Here are two paintings done on Hahnemuele paper (a3).  These are from some photos I took with permission of the guys working in a scrap dealership on the Cape Flats.

My intention is to ask if I can take more photos of the whole process.  There is a whole economic process taking place around the trade in scrap metal and recycle-plastic.  Small time collectors make a small income by collecting what they can and selling to these guys who collect all the small inputs to make up container loads for manufacturers.  These are real characters and I would like to do more paintings.  First I would like to offer these two paintings to these two chaps.

One thing is for sure.  These faces are more interesting to capture in watercolour than the flawless beauty of some of the women whose portraits I have been using for this practice.


2 thoughts on “Scrapyard guys

  1. Oh my goodness I love these! Just stumbled upon this blog post but I love the character and quirkiness. I also appreciate that they are based on real, beautiful people. As a fellow artist, that’s how I like to see my artistic purpose- to capture people and what they feel in stories, and in a way no one else could tell it.

    • Hey Holly – thanks for this note – I have a mate who trades with these guys for scrap that he sells to other outlets and I joined him one afternoon. This was definitely an opening to a whole new slice of life. I have other photos which I want to work up soon. thanks for the encouragement.

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