Anariel’s forest

here are some watercolour practice shots from stock from Anariel on Deviant Art

it was good to paint some portraits again.  I have been doing lots of colour charts to figure out my greys.  I had to stop because I have been using some colours like Sennelier and Daniel Smith which are not as pricey as W&N but also not as good I htink.  For instance I am sure the cadmium red in DS is a bluish red rather than the orange red in W&N.   I have just got a quote to load up on Winsor Newton colours which is HECTIC!  I will have to mortgage an arm and a leg.  Or sell a painting.  Anyway – here is the work…

4 thoughts on “Anariel’s forest

  1. Welcome back to WordPress! I like your portraits but I don’t have a clue as to what Anariel or Deviant Art may be. Deviant? She seems like a nice young woman.

    • Howzit Barry – heh heh – yes I think it is an unfortunate choice of name for quite a useful forum. Or perhaps it is appropriate, considering some of the sites. It is platform for artists, though I think they are mostly photographers and digital artists. There are some traditional painters there as well, and quite a few good watercolourists. So that is them – Anariel is the name of the model
      I hope you are enjoying summer. We have snow on the mountains around the basin but a lovely day between the storms.

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I like that one that you say is the first sketch? I like how the hand is warm and the Hair is fiery. Just enough detail to capture what needs saying. Like that a lot. The expression in the final one is what keeps me staring at it. It’s not about color because the imagery of that expression is so strong.
    I could no longer afford W and N and took a workshop from Don Andrews a few years back and bought American Journey watercolors sold by Cheap Joes? Have you heard of them? I wonder if they sell abroad? They are more opaque than W and N but I get a lot of mileage from them. That said, it took me some time to get used to them but am not sorry I made the switch.

  3. Hello Leslie

    thanks for this note. yes I also like the immediacy of the first – the second is based on a video I bought of Herr Reid painting portraits. He does this underpainting with a Cd red nose area and Cerulean blue (cooler) surrounding. I think this pulls the portrait together and the cooler edges create a sense of 3d.

    Her nostrils did not work so well and I am redoing them. But the overall kind of achieves what I set out to do though the drawing was onerous and laborious still.

    I have not heard of American Journey Watercolours. We have a limited selection of brands here. Ultimately I suppose I will bite the bullet, pour on the cheap brandy and gun powder, light it and make the necessary financial incision. (Dramatic hey? (o: )

    All the best your side


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