restaurant version 3

here is the latest version












This is watercolour on 300gm Arches Hot Pressed and is 560x380mm.

  • I have been reading Alex Powers and in this version I have tried to do a few things differently:
  • I have tried to establish a movement through the darks from the left, over the top, to the right of the painting, though I fear my darks at the top are not dark enough.
  • I have tried to set up the foreground lady as a paper-doll and the foreground chairs in the front as a silhouette.  Perhaps I need to put more darks into the bags on the rack at the top to lead the eye through the jumble up there and down to the waitress.
  • I stole the waitress, again, from Alvaro Castagnet who does this so beautifully in his restaurant paintings.  My next intention is to look out for those typical restaurant scenes that I can add, like the way waiters stand when they are selling and taking orders.
  • I had hoped that adding some of the patterns on the floor would pull the painting together.
  • I have worked a bit more detail into the portraits and figures.

I started with a detailed drawing.  There is a LOT going in in this place from top to bottom.  A lot!












And here is my first wash:












then I worked through the afternoon to complete the top half of the painting:












Finally I put in the lower half – the darks – tomorrow will show whether they are dark enough.





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