Liberty Longboard Classic

Here is the project I am doing on this years longboard classic.

I will update this as I go along:










This is on a piece of 300gm Arches Cold Pressed I found in a roll in my studio.  It was a bottom cut and eventually I had to cut off some width to fit onto a board which seems like a shame but there you are.  I intended to paint on it on the day but am glad I did not.   The piece is 580 x 780mm so just about normal size.

I have been watching a video of Alvaro Castagnet painting in Paris and want to bring more vibrant colour into paintings like these.  I have not painted as fast as he does and it takes me longer to put in the figures as I am still building up to the skill he has in doing this.

Here is how I started – I usually get to this point late at night and did not wait for it to dry.










Here is the second step I got to last night:










The next step below is going OK though there some weak places.










I like the rich reds and how I am able to create some texture and detail on top of the dark colour – thanks Alvaro.  And I like the way I have maintained the saturation of the red in the blue mountains without getting too fussed in detail.  And I like some of the figures.   I like the interaction between Tersia with the board and Henrique who is taking his board out of the bag. Mik and Inge are looking a bit stiff but also OK.  I will keep working this to where I can get the values and composition right – at which point it will probably be overworked  and then I plan to do another.

Here I tried to sort out some of the insipid washes and swatches:










The scaffolding cast a deep shadow within which many people took some shelter as it was a lovely hot day.  and I have added a longer shadow in, although the longboard in the foreground covers a lot of it.  There were more kids playing around and people lounging on the beach which I would like to add to the next version.  I added the bottom half a couple to add some more definition to the longboard (heh heh you will notice I am not a board-shaper.  I also darkened the figures under the gazebo which made the light shine through the cover a lot better.  In the next version I would also like to bring Mikhail and Inge even more forward maybe (the couple talking in front of the red backdrop.  He runs Son Surf and is the organiser of the Liberty Longboard event.  I also like the young guys up in the scaffolding.

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