Here is a watercolour of two people chatting at The Pipe.  The sun was going down and a chilly wind had picked up.


This painting is on 300gm Arches and is about 180x280mm

Today has been a bit of a run-around but later this afternoon Ethan held me to my promise to take him surfing with his bud.  And for the first time in ages I actually managed to have two really good rides.  I came out early and changed at the car then came down do a painting.  These two were chatting on the beach and I asked if they would like to star in a watercolour.  Quite a neat opening line don’t you think?  They were OK with it so I sat a short distance away and did this.  

As I was settling down Ethan and Donovan came out of the water so I really had about 20 minutes of painting time, I think.  The guy moved around quite a bit but returned to the position in which I have captured him here.

I would be inclined to crop this picture quite radically – like this:


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