Keetah project

This is a painting I did for my niece Keetah and her fiancé as a wedding gift for their wedding yesterday.


This is 180×280 mm on 300gm Arches Hot Pressed.   I eventually finished this as we were getting ready to leave for the wedding and went rushing off with wet paint.

The project took me pretty much most of Friday and Saturday.  I have been watching a video of Charles Reid painting watercolours and tried to implement some of his approaches.  I thought I started to saturated in this first one but I think if I had finished it would have been OK. AK1D

In the second I totally overworked everything and dropped it too.  I did more on it the next day to practice how I was going to do it.


I think this was going well but I overdid the yellow in the face-wash.  I rather liked the apple and the bread though.  I did this late at night after going through to Hout Bay for the wedding practice.  Sinead was a bridesmaid.   There was still lots to do so I gave a hand where I could.  ak4d

2 thoughts on “Keetah project

  1. Hi Carol
    Yes it was a great project – perhaps watching Charles Reid was a mistake because I changed my approach. But I think it worked out. Thanks for the positive comment. We shall see – they are off on honeymoon now. As I was working I was struck by the fact that this is a whole new family starting – kind of obvious but it seemed exciting.
    The Charles Reid video has been a real eye-opener by the way – some very important lessons for me. And he seems like a nice guy. Which is also important.

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