City Partnership

In Charles Reid’s watercolour video (which is on it’s way here) he says he is not a natural draftsman and drawing likeness has not come easy to him so he used to take his sketchbook out and practice.  For a while now I have carried a sketchbook and now I have taken to carrying a board with A3 sheets.  Most Friday mornings I try to make it to the City Partnership meetings at a pizza place in the local mall.  And this morning while listening to Brian Edwards talking about the compilation of the cannon of scripture I did this drawing (Dan Brown writes a great story but has not integrity as a scholar).



2 thoughts on “City Partnership

  1. So good, Stephen. It’s something I would love to do, as drawing in general is something I have to work very hard at. You’re good to go to your meetings and sketch the people attending.

  2. Hey Carol – Charles Reid said he learnt to draw that way – he says he is not a natural and he is just really good – so there is hope for all of us. People are just really beautiful – even (or especially) the old wrinkly ones – and something about a drawing points to something in the person and we as artists play an important role in our culture by bringing out the insights
    I think

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