Vera project

Here are some versions of Vera, a friend of mine from Facebook who graciously allowed me to use one of the photos from her page for Portrait practice.  Thanks Vera

AE-12 AE13

This version is on a quarter sheet of Arches 300gm hot pressed – and is about 380x280mm.  What a mission – have I ever mentioned that portraits are hard?  This is probably one of those 10 000 hours things.

Here is the whole project:

First I did a rough watercolour from the photo.
EA-1Then I did some sketches on A3 paper:EA-2 EA-3EA-4Then I did this watercolour

EA-7Then more sketching
EA-5 Then I thought I would like to post this project so I sent Vera a note to ask if it was OK to use her material.    OK, I would like to have asked right up front.  But I wanted to see if I could produce anything better than a mess.  After she said “yes”  I did this watercolour on Amadeo paper which is about A3 size.  It is quite nice to work on and is really cheap – I got it a PNA where they supply school-kids.

 Then this:

EA-8Then I did more sketc

hes.  This is better than the watercolour I thinkEA-9 Then earlier this aft

ernoon this watercolour on Arches Hot pressed

EA-10 Then one last sketch – phew – so many different faces all from the same photo – BUT – there has been progress …



09 March 2014

I am still working on this project.  Though now I have watched my Charles Reid video a few times and have changed my approach to the way I do the watercolour.  I am still battling with proportion and likeness though I think both of these things are improving.  Charles Reid does not fuss about likeness but after doing this for 30 or 40 years he is pretty good and gets it right.  And of course his painting is just wonderful.  I have not put in all the practice drawings but here is what I have been able to do this weekend on:

Friday night:


Saturday afternoon (after a workshop and a sleep)


Sunday afternoon:

vera20140309DThese are all on Arches 300gm hot pressed (I cut up some old paintings that did not work so well)

Sorry about the rotation – wordpress rotation is not as easy as facebook – and it is always kind of hit and miss

And here is a last one – since I posted the others:

It is still not right and I got tired towards the end and lost concentration and overworked it in places – but her mouth is working better than before.

The rotation is still not working – I have tried to do this in different ways but at least the last one works when you click on it.

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