figures and portraits from the week

Here is last night’s work.  20140201figure1D

This is on 200gm Amedeo paper 420x290mm.


Here is the preliminary sketch I did on an A3 printer paper.  At last I feel like I am getting the hang of portraits.  I hesitate to say figures though I know I have improved in this area – Thinks:  “Thanks Burne Hogarth”.  I have just read about the muscles in the neck.  And all of a sudden all I can see are sternomastoids – which are very beautiful to me.  I drew a woman in the row in front of me in church this morning – and there it was.  Check it out:



What a beautiful neck!  Here is another figure and portrait I started last weekend but could not finish as I had too much consulting – which is quite a nice problem to be sure.
Here is the preliminary sketch (OK the last one – the first few were harder work.


And here is the painting.  It is on Fabriano which feels a bit chalky to me and the colours start soaking and blotting if I push the paper too hard.  I have a block of Bockingford that Herr Reid uses and I am looking forward to trying that.


Then I did a closer up.  Here is my final sketch of a few.20140201figure2-1D

And here is where the watercolour got to.  Last night I just got too tired to continue.  Lets see what the week holds.20140201figure2-3D

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