Portrait practice

Here is the portrait I painted last night.


This is Arches 300gm cold pressed and is 380 x 280mm.

I am following the technique of Charles Reid still and have been reading and re-reading his books.  I have also been reading Byrne Hogarth and Betty Edwards.  Hopefully this year I can balance in a little more painting than last year.  So there is definitely progress.  Charles Reid says one of the keys is to get the values right.  Value, he says, trumps colour.  And I like the values around her chin.  Something came together there.

here is the sketch for the painting:


And here are some of the preparatory sketches:

Portrait-5D Portrait-4D Portrait-3D

and the sketches of the figure:

Portrait-7D Portrait-6D Portrait-8D Portrait-9D Portrait-10D

And here are some of the portrait sketches I did on plain A3 paper:

Portrait-14D Portrait-12D Portrait-13D Portrait-11D






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