Here are some of the watercolour sketches I did as friends agreed to hold still for a limited time only.

All of these are one Hot Pressed Arches 300gm and are 280x190mm (mostly)


This is Jonty sitting in the sun on the first morning.


And this is my dear Sinead.


My mate Julian is training for the Cape Epic again and had been for a five hour mountain bike training ride and was lying passed out on the back verandah.


And this is Vicky who is studying art.  Here she is paging through Charles Reid – Watercolour Solutions.


And here is Jonty again, reading and itching to take a trip in the dingy to jump off a cliff-face upriver.

Malagas-9-DAnd finally here is Julian’s son Nathan who sat dead-still in a pose which posed the usual foreshortening challenges



4 thoughts on “Breede-people

    • Hello Barry – thanks man. Yes that was a lot of fun. I am enjoying the struggle to get right this business of portraits and figures. People are so beautiful.
      I appreciate your input here. How are you doing your side?

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