New Year on the Breede

Here are two paintings of a cottage I have just been to on the Breede River, which flows down the sea near to the Southern tip of Africa.




Both of these paintings are done on 300gm Arches Cold Pressed and are 280 x 380 mm.

We have some old friends with whom we often plan family trips over the new year.  And this year Rob found this cottage on the Breede river.  The site was only accessible from the River as the sides of the valley in which it was built were too steep for a road.  This made it very special.  Each night we were secluded from light pollution and were treated to a riot of light in the heavens.

On the second afternoon I climbed the hill behind the house and found a cool spot under a milkwood growing on the slope.  I spent about two hours there – maybe longer.   After the first version, Julian came out and lowered the sun-screen to cool the house from the afternoon sun.  On the other side of the river I have tried to capture the fields of natural vegetation (maybe renosterveld??) and the ploughed fields.




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