puddle-rock practice

My friend Leslie gave me sage advice – “if you can’t get it right – practice it till you can” – well here is the first one:

puddlerock-prac1I want to be more bold with my darks in the left foreground.  and I want to carefully map out the path of the dark starter line from the middle (between the two big rocks) to the left of the painting.  there is a lot that has to happen, putting down different colours, different saturations and softening edges to lead them up the rock.  And look at what I should leave out too…

Here is the second try:

pudrock-prac2-1 pudrock-prac2-2 pudrock-prac2-3


mmm – better – the puddle is still an issue.  I have been looking for photos I have taken in different light but nothing yet.  But the shape works better.

I am going to try one more in different light – here is version 3:



no – now I am going backwards – I have been trying to find the planes of light on the rock.

here is another go:




pudrock-prac4-2Ok this looks a bit structured but I have  a feel for the shape now – I have tried using cool/warm colours to push and pull but I am not sure how successful this is.

And here is the latest version of the whole painting on a full sheet of Arches – 760 x560 mm I think.  I was a bit tired and I set up my whole rig to video the painting.  Then I rushed the drawing a bit and got the proportions all wrong but decided to do the wash and all that – and my practice kind of got left out of the whole thing – now there is a lesson for reflection.



mmm – sss OK – not bril – it is just really good to be working in my studio again.

4 thoughts on “puddle-rock practice

  1. Hi Margs – it is good to hear from you here on my blog again – it has been a long time since I posted – yes that last one was a whole lot more analytical – I really tried to figure out the planes of light on the rock – in the demo I want to do I have to be able to create the rock with the minnimum of strokes in as little time as possible – which of course means losing the opportunity to build up the colour – but that is what I am aiming to do.

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