Saying goodbye to Hendriette

Yesterday the surfers had a paddle-out for Hendriette who passed away.


Hendriette was in the Moms Class in the Son Surf School when I first learnt to surf.  Although I did not know her well I sometimes used to see her when I picked Ethan up from primary school and we used to talk surfing and … ART … for she was also an artist and art teacher at the school. And she lived up the road from us so we used to wave when we passed each other on the road past our house.  She impressed me utterly by being the first in the group to paddle out and catch real waves.  Later I heard she had cancer but I saw her at a some of the Longboard competitions at The Pipe where she surfed and supported her daughter.  She even got to star in one of my paintings of the event.  Earlier last week I paddled out for a surf and wondered how she was doing. When I got home Aura my wife told me she had heard that Hendriette was not doing well.  The next morning I read on fb that she had passed.

I could not join the paddle out yesterday as I met with a client but went a little later to the wake at the Surf Life Saving club in Strand and chatted with some of our mutual friends and some of my old class mates from the Moms Class.  It was both uplifting and sad.  Later I looked out at The Pipe and decided it was good for a surf although the West wind was picking up.  I had a couple of good waves and sat in water reflecting on life and surfing and painting.  And that was my farewell to my fellow traveller.

When I left the water storm clouds were building but the beach shone brightly, almost white I thought.  The sea was still browny green from all the river water but it was a a beautiful scene.  I had to go and pick Ethan up from school so I took a few photos and tonight I did the painting above.  It is a slightly different view from normal – that is Cape Point on the horizon on the left.    I will try to take a better photo in sunlight if I can tomorrow.



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