It has been a while since I have done my “your life in light and colour” talk and I have been keen to get it sorted out again.  I have updated my talk, reducing it to 7 points and an introduction and conclusion.  And today I gave it a go, producing this painting:

2013-04-28 17.12.23v2This is on Canson paper which is about 185gm I suppose.  It is the first time I have used it and I am not sure if it is even meant for watercolour.  The painting is 760x560mm.

It is good to take a photo.  I am pleased with how the sky worked out.  The paper just wrinkled and the colour poured down the gullies in the sheet.   I dabbed up the colour that had flowed over the sea which in retrospect may have looked better if I had left it as it lay.  The rocks in the foreground are not so great – all being the same size and shape – too boring – I must get this right next time.  I was practicing my talk while I drew the picture and it was a bit distracting.  Here is how it looks with some adjustment – a bit better I think.  I will let it lie for a week maybe and see what last touch-ups are required.  If I can produce something like this during my talk it will be tip-top.

2013-04-28 20.59.49

And here is how it looks with final final touch ups.  I can’t figure out these figures with the camera I am using.  either the thumbnail is rotated or the picture when you click on it.  I have tried to rotate the thumbnail only but it does not work – so – time to move on.  I did the touch-ups to practice for doing another version of this on the back of another failed painting.  I am listening to the Stranglers – Golden Brown – a classic

2013-05-01 15.17.30

I have added a nice bright light to my set up with a flourescent globe that has quite an even spectrum so the colours are pretty correct in this version.  Actually I would like to use this Canson paper again – it had a hot-pressed finish which I am enjoying more and more.

I am uploading a video with the process for painting the sky. There was music playing in the background which is probably a bit distracting but I thought I would put it in anyway.

Here is my rig for filming I balance my phone on the wooden bars at the top – check out the G-clamps – heh heh – very high tech.

2013-04-28 20.34.43


And here is the video:


4 thoughts on “demo

    • Hey howzit Carol -thanks for that – We should do a skype class one day – I am sure it would work. I am going to do a video of the rocks part and you can download it as well. your painting is going so well

  1. Thanks for the video, Stephen! I have always struggled with Canson. Arches or Lanaquerelle for me. I like the drippy stormy sky, though. Really added contrast against those rocks.

    • I want to do better videos in the future but also wanted to get going again so…
      thanks for having a look.
      I am happy with the sky too – I thing Arches Hot Pressed is the way to go – though I must say I did not feel precious about the page or the outcome in the least which was a nice free feeling.

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